Welcome to my FAQ page

I am Kenneth Young

   Web Development Specialist

   Few things in life are as important as making someone happy.
   If I can brighten your day just a little,
   then I have accomplish what is important to in making
   your day a little better. Laughter is essential in today's world.

   Kenneth Young resides in Washington State.
   As a Web Designer, I am continually seeking to
   better myself in this fast paced lifestyle.
   All things are just a little step away
   you have to go for the gold, and don't settle for less.


 I have developed my education in Web Design
 through college as a Web Development Specialist

    where I learned some of my skills as a Technician and
    Web Development Specialist. I have worked as a Web Designer
    for 7 years as an independent Contractor at home as ExecuServe1
    I was a very successful Truck driver for 28 years untill I
    decided to make a change in my life. I wanted to learn Web Designing
    to increase my skills on the computer. I started my own company
    ExecuServe1 in January 2001
    and then went on to collage to learn more about Web Site
designing and also as a computer technician


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